Paperman Captures the Color in the Kiss

Capture the KissAnimated short ‘Paperman’ is a lovely and romantic portrayal of how a small red spot on a document becomes a metaphor for missed opportunities in a story that could only happen on paper. We think this is a terrific way to use your paper files – (right after you put everything you need into into a digital environment that is!) We would like to congratulate Disney and director John Kahrs for a truly beautiful film, honored with an Oscar win in 2012.

Producer Kristina Reed threw a few paper airplanes (another great use for paper, by the way) marked with kisses from her balcony at the Oscar show, prompting security to temporarily oust her from her spot, exhibiting the same tolerance for levity as the boss in the black and white short film.

As the world moves away from paper in the office, you can’t resist the tenderness of this clip that would not have come off as well had it been set in a paperless world—after all, you can’t leave a pucker mark on a PDF. Although maybe we can come up with an all-digital idea that could catch the attention of the Academy for next year.

You can view the full short animation here.  We think you’ll fall in love, too.

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