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ROI (return on investment) calculator - find out how much you could be saving with a document management system

Ready to find out how much your business can save with eBizDocs’ document management solutions?

It should only take you a few moments to complete the form, but it will help if you have some information handy before you begin!

Before you get started…

You’ll need to have a general idea of the following:

1.  About how much time your staff spends looking for files.
  • This is a great place to start gathering information about where your business could use a boost in efficiency.
  • Try using a timer to see how long it takes to find a file, or to save it in the proper location.
  • Track your activity for just one day, and see what it adds up to. We bet you’ll be surprised at what you discover!
2.  An estimate of the number of files your business handles every day.
  • On average, each office worker generates about 40 pages, although it may be different for your business!
3.  An estimate of the hourly rate for your employees.
  • If you don’t know, we suggest that you use $35/hour as an estimate for purposes of this exercise.

If you’ve got all that handy, then you’re ready to get started!

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