Chris Ginart: Director of Planning & Development

chris ginart headshotChris Ginart started with eBizDocs in July of 2005.  Initially, he was hired as a Production Manager and tasked with tracking projects through the conversion process.  As the company grew, the complexity and size of the projects grew, and Chris handed over the management of people and scheduling to focus on process improvement and project planning.  By applying standardization to conversion processed and integrating his educational background in data manipulation, Chris has found efficiencies, improved process tracking, and designed solutions for complex conversions.

With years of experience in planning projects with clients, Chris has seen the best and worst of records management that businesses have to offer.  He has applied that experience by using proven solutions to help those businesses that are in dire need of records management help while translating the best practices into electronic document management processes that can apply to many records management scenarios.  Learning from past conversions has become an integral part of the project planning phase and understanding the client’s needs in the future allows for flexible, cost-effective options.

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