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Workflow: The Modern Paper(less) Pusher

Increase your efficiency with document workflow

You may have heard the term before but what does it mean, and what does it have to do with your business? Simply defined, workflow is passing a document within an organization from one person to another to complete a unit … Continue reading

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DMS: Bring Order to Digital Chaos

Bring order out of your digital chaos

The paperless office means more than shifting to exclusively digital documents. It also means managing them in a way that ensures confidentiality, enforces consistent taxonomy, and overall, promotes productivity. This can’t be done by simply storing documents on a shared network drive. … Continue reading

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Microsoft Dropbox partnership – Application integration improves business!

drop box microsoft the verge integration

Recently, The Verge reported on the surprising new partnership announced by Microsoft and Dropbox. The plan is to provide tight integration between Microsoft’s Office 365 subscription-based, word-processing offering and Dropbox’s cloud storage platform. Office 365 already comes bundled with OneDrive, a … Continue reading

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