TechValley Organizations Working to Provide Employment Opportunities

eBizDocs has had the pleasure of either working directly with these organizations or has interacted with them through various community activities.  Check out their websites for more information on their programs to support employment opportunities in our region.

The Albany Housing Coalition

The Albany Housing Coalition Inc. (AHC) is a Nonprofit organization whose mission is to bring homeless veterans of all eras into our transitional housing facilities, stabilizes them, and finds meaningful employment for them. The AHC also provides them with services to the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Albany, NY where they receive health care, and care for other psychological and social issues. We at the AHC provide the veterans with case management, and employment services.

New York State Industries for the Disabled

New York State benefits significantly through a workforce which includes persons with disabilities. As employed members of local communities, individuals working on NYSID Preferred Source contracts contribute to the overall economic multiplier effect that plays a vital and supportive role in New York’s ongoing fiscal recovery.


Jawonio Document Imaging Solutions has provided meticulous cost effective imaging services for 20 years. Jawonio has partnered with eBizDocs in order to provide the most up-to-date and state of the art services.  Our partnership expands their document digitizing services, while at the same time advancing the independence, well-being and equality of people with disabilities or special needs. Together, we are committed to assisting companies, state agencies, local governments and other organizations find electronic solutions.

Jawonio also provides services and qualified employees to other local businesses through a variety of programs.  We encourage you to check them out!

“Jawonio has been an incredibly successful way to find good, dependable workers”

– Michael Rosenblum, Ominicare Pharmacy of the Hudson Valley

Schenectady Community Action Program (SCAP)

Schenectady Community Action Program (SCAP) is committed to alleviating the symptoms and eradicating the causes of poverty by helping people help themselves when they are in economic, educational or social need. Keeping with the spirit of this commitment the Career Readiness Program, one of the many services offered by SCAP, strives to assist individuals gain the technical and soft skills needed to land gainful employment and succeed in the workplace.

Capital District Women’s Employment Resource Center (CDWERC)

WERC is a private, not-for-profit organization that works to advance women’s success in the workplace by building their economic and personal independence. Since 1988, WERC has provided quality workforce development services to over 6,100 women from both Albany and Rensselaer Counties who have lost their source of income upon the death, divorce, separation, disability, or dislocation of a spouse or who are single mothers.